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Kathak is the first open source true text to speech synthesis system for Bengali. Bengali is the 5 th widely speaking language of the world but large number of people is still don’t have the chance to access the digital information. Kathak will play a role to give chance to those people for accesing the digital world and thus will help to avoid the digital divide for a large number of people.

We started developing Bengali text to speech synthesis system as our graduation thesis at AIUB. We submitted the final thesis paper on “Implementation of Bengali Text to Speech Synthesis System”. We have used Festvox as development framework and the module will work with the Festival speech synthesis engine.


Sample Voice

We will add the sample voice soon.


Join BTTS development team

We will appreciate the developers/students if they join BTTS development team because there is lots of issue still left to address to improve the quality of the synthesis and make it more intelligible. For helping the development of BTTS you don’t need to be a programmer. Only your interest is enough for that. Click here to see where you can contribute for the development of BTTS.


Kathak Unicode Word Processor for Bangla

You can use Kathak UI as an independent Word processor for Bangla which works equally in both Linux and Windows. We have used Munir Key board layout as default keyboard mapping but you can create customized key board mappings.
Find out more>>


Kathak Source Release

We have released the source for Kathak primarily and the voice module for festival still is very much unstable for public release and the voice quality need to be improved more.Hopefully we will release the Bengali Voice module within few weeks. How to use the source files for developing your own voice for Bangla has been discussed in detail in the documentation.


Kathak short introduction

Development Environment: Redhat Linux 9.0 , Mandrake 10.0
Programming Language : Scheme (a dialect for LISP) , Java (UI)
Framework: Festival , Festvox (http://festvox.org).
Tools:EMU Speech Tools, Sound Forge 6.0
Operating Systems:Linux, Windows 32 (to be added later)



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