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Festival Installation and Configuration

To install Festival we need the following packages –

• Festvox 2.0 (core framework for building new voices)
• festival-1.4.0.tar.gz (Festival Speech Synthesis System source)
• speech_tools-1.2.0.tar.gz (The Edinburgh Speech Tools Library )
• festlex_NAME.tar.gz
• festvox_NAME.tar.gz
• festdoc_1.4.0.tar.gz
• and the needed voice packs.

Unzip all the files in the location intended to install.
Now run the configure and gmake command for all three modules – festvox , festival and speech tools.The speech tool is needed to compile and install first as the other two module uses it.

$ cd /path/speech_tools
$ ./Configure
$ gmake

$ cd /path/festvox
$ ./Configure
$ gmake

$ cd /path/festival
$ ./Configure
$ gmake

You can also use the command gmake test in each case to see if the installations were successful or not.However on many linux systems C/C++ compiler may not be installed, in those cases they need to install the standard C/C++ (gcc ver.xxx) compilers. In Mandrake linux if there are GCC addons for other languages are installed then the gmake command can give some error.For that you have to uninstall the addons for Ada, pascal or java or just have to specify that you want to use the C/C++ compiler.
For installing on windows please see the details in Festival System Documentation.

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